Special Events On-Demand

Our statewide special events cover a variety of topics from public health initiatives to professional education and more.

Florida's Project VITAL Virtual Forum Plenary and Conclusion

The Alzheimer’s Association and the Florida Department of Elder Affairs recently discussed Florida’s nationally recognized Project VITAL (Virtual Inclusive Technology for All) - a leading innovation in long-term care and ... More

Project VITAL Breakout Session: COVID and Caregiving: Strategies for Managing Stress

Caregiving is not easy under normal circumstances. However, COVID has added a new set of unique challenges. Caregivers providing direct care either in-home or in a care setting are essential ... More

Project VITAL Breakout Session: Project VITAL Roadmap to Success (for States Units on Aging)

Understand how to address the needs in your state as it relates to isolation, review Florida’s Project Vital process and model, including funding. We will also discuss COVID obstacles, safety ... More

Project VITAL Breakout Session: Project ECHO: Caring for Person with ADRD during Emergency

Understand the importance of person-centered care for persons with Alzheimer's disease and related dementia, and learn about the Project Echo case-based learning platform. Speakers discuss emergency preparedness guidelines developed for ... More

Project VITAL Forum: Breakout Session: Being in the Moment: Effective Communication Strategies

Differentiate between the early and middle stages of dementia by identifying three communication symptoms commonly experienced by individuals with early-stage dementia and three communication symptoms common to middle stage dementia. ... More